The Rules of Blackjack

A game of Blackjack is played between the dealer and the other players. For each player, the objective is to get a total of points superior to the one of the croupier without never surpassing the 21 points. Once the player is over 21, he loses his initial bet. Unlike most other casino games, blackjack gives the player the ability to influence the course of the game. In fact, the player can use some options but also, vary their game as well as their bets.

Value of the cards in Blackjack

Value of the cards:
The value of a card varies between 2 and 10, it is indicated in the letter. One figure is worth 10 points.
The Ace is 1 or 11, depending on the value given by the player.
The best possible hand is the Ace plus a figure or a 10 that gives you a Blackjack in 2 cards for a total of 21 points.

In case of Blackjack, you win directly one and a half times your bet.

Betting on Blackjack
Development of a game:
Before each hand, players place their bets.
The dealer deals a card face up to each player and a card face down to himself. Then distribute a second visible card to each and every player.
He then asks each of the players at the table starting with the one on his left. Each player tells you if you want more cards. You can order as many cards as you wish.
Once all players are served, the dealer serves himself, throws cards so that they total less than 17. If the dealer makes a total of points greater than 21, all remaining players win. If you do between 17 and 21, all players who have a total higher than the dealer, win.
If a player is on par with the dealer, he recovers his bet.
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After distributing the first cards, different possibilities are offered to the players:

If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, a player has the ability to secure against the dealer’s Blackjack, paying half of his initial bet. If the dealer does Blackjack, the player loses his bet but having paid the insurance, then the profit has been 0. If the dealer does not do Blackjack two situations can occur: first, the player wins. You lose your insurance but win the equivalent of your initial bet, that is, a net profit of 1/2 of your initial bet. Secondly, if the player loses. He loses the insurance just like his bet, that is, a loss of 1.5 times the initial bet.

The split
When a player draws two cards of the same value, he can separate these two cards to play two hands. To do this, you must add an initial bet. Once the hands are separated, the player plays each hand individually. If you win both hands then you will win your initial bet 2 times. If the player loses a hand, he does not win but neither does he lose anything. Finally, if you lose both hands, you will lose twice as much once.
A special rule regarding split two aces: when separating two aces, the player can only receive one card per table.
After receiving two cards, the player may choose to double his bet on the condition of receiving only one card later.